Indian Government rescues citizens trapped in cyber fraud scheme in Cambodia

Official Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs,
Official Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs,
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Randhi Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs India

The Indian government has initiated a comprehensive rescue operation aimed at liberating its citizens ensnared in a sophisticated cyber fraud scheme operating in Cambodia. With reports indicating the dire circumstances faced by thousands of Indians, urgent action has been taken to address the alarming situation.

Randhir Jaiswal, spokesperson for India's Ministry of External Affairs, affirmed the government's commitment to the rescue mission. He disclosed that the Indian Embassy in Cambodia has successfully repatriated approximately 250 individuals, including 75 rescued in the past three months alone. Jaiswal emphasized the collaborative efforts between Indian and Cambodian authorities to ensure the safe return of affected citizens.

The gravity of the situation became apparent following revelations that more than 5,000 Indians are currently trapped in Cambodia, coerced into executing cyber frauds targeting their compatriots back home. In response, the Indian government, in tandem with Cambodian authorities, is intensifying efforts to crack down on the perpetrators orchestrating these fraudulent schemes.

Jaiswal reiterated the issuance of advisories by the Indian government and its embassy in Cambodia, aimed at raising awareness among citizens about the prevalent scams and cautioning them against falling victim to such nefarious activities.

Disturbing accounts from sources shed light on the harrowing experiences endured by those trapped in Cambodia. Forced into scamming activities and resorting to extortion tactics, victims find themselves ensnared in a web of deception and coercion.

In light of the escalating crisis, a high-level meeting convened by India's Ministry of Home Affairs brought together key stakeholders to devise strategies for the swift rescue and repatriation of affected citizens. Investigations into the organized racket have uncovered a systematic operation, with individuals predominantly from southern India falling prey to false promises of employment before being coerced into cyber fraud activities upon arrival in Cambodia.

The crackdown gained momentum following the dismantling of a cyber-crime syndicate in Rourkela, Odisha. Multiple arrests were made, and Look Out Circulars were issued against suspects implicated in facilitating the trafficking of individuals to Cambodia.

Dr. Arathi Krishna, Deputy Chairman of the Non-Resident Indian Forum of the Government of Karnataka, recounted the successful rescue of three individuals from the state. She underscored the collaborative efforts between various organizations and government entities in facilitating their safe return.

The testimonies of victims, such as Stephen, provide a chilling glimpse into the deceptive recruitment tactics and the relentless exploitation endured in Cambodia. Instances of torture and coercion underscore the urgency of the rescue efforts and the imperative to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Law enforcement agencies are actively pursuing leads to identify and apprehend key operatives involved in orchestrating the fraudulent network. Plans are underway to leverage international cooperation, potentially involving Interpol, to apprehend and prosecute those responsible for orchestrating the scam.



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